Expert IT Solutions


  • In almost all cases, small and medium-sized businesses will spend 25% to 50% less outsourcing IT over the cost of even a single full-time technology employee. Additional cost savings are realized since recruiting, training, vacation, sick days, turnover and other management issues are all taken out of the equation. When utilizing a professional technology services provider, costs are budgeted, fixed and controlled.
  • Even a few minutes of systems downtime carries an enormous business cost. Maximizing uptime must be a high priority. Companies can no longer afford issues with internet connectivity, email communications, corrupt data or systems failure—the cost of reacting to these events is just too high. IT service providers offer planned approaches to pro-active systems maintenance, security, backup and disaster recovery. These coupled with remote systems monitoring and 24/7 response capabilities reduce and often eliminate costly downtime.
  • Outsourcing IT frees internal staff to spend time focusing on revenue-generating opportunities and the business of the business.